The Colombian Foundation in Colorado was officially established in 2019 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a fully volunteer-driven organization that serves the community through resources statewide to empower the Latino community and continue driving our mission.


The Colombian Foundation in Colorado is a non-profit organization committed to creating a positive environment for the Colombian and Latino community in the state of Colorado. We strive to connect Latinos with available resources in the state that enhance the political, social, educational, and economic strength of our communities


To be a larger organization in the state of Colorado that provides different resources to improve the lives of Latino families and their communities.

Our Team

Xiomara Sanchez – President Board Member

Guillermo Booz – Vice President Board Member

Lisbeth Sosa – Treasurer Board Member

Nelis Lopez – Secretary Board Member

Gylis Booz – Board Member

Adolfo Redondo – Board Member

Cecilia Sanchez – Board Member